Dine In 2Nite Meal Schedule 

We use fresh in-season ingredients; some items on the menu may change based on ingredient availability. 

Vegetarian versions available for any meal below. 

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Week of July 4 - 8

Monday July 4


Tuesday July 5

SKILLET RAVIOLI WITH BABY SPINACH - Richly flavored Portobello mushroom and cheese ravioli skillet sautéed in a tangy tomato sauce with spinach.

Wednesday July 6

ORANGE CHIPOTLE PORK CHOPS – Tender chop brushed with tangy glaze served with seasoned rice and fresh rosemary, wild mushroom and tomato ragout

Thursday July 7

SHEPHARDS PIE - Traditional English favorite of seasoned ground beef, vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes.

Friday July 8

CHICKEN PENNE A LA VODKA - Tender grilled chicken breast sliced and served over penne pasta with a slow simmered sauce made with real vodka and cream.

Week of July 11 - 15

Monday July 11

JAMBALAYA – Mixed seafood and sausage over stewed rice with tomatoes and sweet Creole spices.

Tuesday July 12

ORANGE CHICKEN - Chunks of chicken in a sweet glaze with orange zest, served with Bok Choy and white rice.

Wednesday July 13

BEEF BOLOGNESE – With blackened Brussels sprouts over fettucine noodles.

Thursday July 14

COC AU VIN - Famous French roasted chicken with red wine sauce served with roasted root vegetables.

Friday July 15

POACHED FISH A LA CUBANA – Flakey wine poached Tropical fillet served with a banana crouton hash and steamed summer squash.

Week of July 18 - 22

Monday July 18

CHICKEN FLORENTINE - Roasted chicken in white wine parsley cream sauce over wilted spinach salad served with savory couscous.

Tuesday July 19

SESAME BEEF CHOW MEIN – Chinese take-out style Chow Mein dish with tender steak and stir fried veggies.

Wednesday July 20

PAN FRIED TILAPIA - Fresh Tilapia fillet topped with savory pecan-coriander breadcrumbs served over buttery turnip puree and steamed asparagus.

Thursday July 21

INDONESIAN SHRIMP AND CHICKEN  – Marinated shrimp and chicken breast pieces, onion and ginger in plum sauce touched with a splash of cream, served over white rice.

Friday July 22

GINGER BLACK BEAN ANGEL HAIR  – Vegetarian classic with zesty black bean sauce made with fresh ginger and served over angel hair pasta and topped with roasted scallions.

Week of July 25 - 29

 Monday July 25

SEASONAL MELON & QUINOA SALAD WITH CHICKEN - Grilled chicken breast over quinoa and brown rice salad tossed with feta, walnuts and dried fruit, topped with grilled melon.

Tuesday July 26

SAFFRON SAUSAGE ROTINI  – Casserole of grilled, sweet Italian sausage and saffron spinach tomato sauce with onions and garlic over Rotini pasta.

Wednesday July 27

CHICKEN CORDON BLEU - Classic dish stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese, served with garlic mashed potatoes and brocolli.

Thursday July 28

NUT CRUSTED TILAPIA FILLET - Flaky tilapia baked with a crunchy nut crust. Served with spice carrot orzo salad fresh vegetables

Friday July 29

WHISKEY MARINATED CHICKEN - Dark meat chicken with Provençal vegetables, roasted potatoes in a tomato based vegetable sauce.

Week of August 1 - 5

Monday August 1

HUNGARIAN CHICKEN PAPRIKASH WITH NOKEDLI - Traditional Hungarian comfort food with sweet, stewed chicken, veggies and handmade dumplings.

Tuesday August 2

SALMON IN TOMATO TEQUILA CREAM - tender salmon, marinated and grilled and served with long simmered cream sauce over orzo with broccoli and lemon basil.

Wednesday August 3

NOT-SO-SHORT RIBS - Asian inspired pork ribs with warm kimchi green bean salad and roasted daikon radish.

Thursday August 4

SPAGHETTI AND SICILIAN MEATBALLS – Al dente pasta in a robust red wine tomato sauce topped with handmade meatballs and parmesan cheese.

Friday August 5

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST WITH GRAPEFRUIT BEURRE BLANC – Tender grilled chicken in a buttery sweet-tart citrus sauce served with baked sweet potato fries and broccoli salad.

Week of August 8 - 12

Monday August 8

LINGUINI WITH WHITE CLAM SAUCE – Decadent homemade sauce with littleneck clams, white wine, garlic and real cream. Served over al dente linguini.

Tuesday August 9

CHICKEN AND CHEESE ENCHILADAS – With tequila verde simmer sauce and roasted leeks with Chervil.

Wednesday August 10

GRILLED SUMMER PORK CHOPS WITH CHILI PEACH COMPOTE SAUCE – Whole grilled chop in sweet and mild chili peach compote served with garlic sautéed zucchini and pecan stuffing made with butter and fresh herbs. 

Thursday August 11

MEDITERRANEAN POLLOCK - Flaky fillet pan sautéed in a preparation of sundried tomatoes, lemon, capers and olives.  Served with herbed orzo pasta and asparagus spears.

Friday August 12

COCOA RUBBED ROAST CHICKEN - Tender roasted chicken quarter rubbed with Dolly Parton’s famous cocoa rub. Served with steamed fresh green beans and candied, marshmallow topped sweet potatoes.